Crazy contact lenses are available in artistic styles that are probably best saved for Halloween. Wa..

Rs.1,100.00 Rs.800.00

These lenses are made with Pigment.They give a natural color appearance on Eye.* Lenses Ma..

Rs.1,100.00 Rs.880.00

Rx Lenses with different parameters also available. Contact us.* Easy of Handling .* Tri Curve Desig..

Rs.800.00 Rs.700.00

Comfort  Toric lenses are very easy to handle. Designed with Prism Ballast design makes it easi..

Rs.650.00 Rs.650.00

X-Chrome contact lens is a contact lens worn in one eye and is used to overcome red-green ..

Rs.2,500.00 Rs.2,100.00
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